GTA 5 Hacks Pc Online Download

GTA 5 Hacks Pc Online Download


GTA 5 is a popular game and played by millions of PC, Play Station and Xbox user. Sometimes, getting in-game money is difficult on this game. Some users like to spend real money to get the in-game money, 不过唔系个个人都有负担得起. For you that don’t have money to spend on this game, you can still get your in-game money!

haxsilo 好高兴介绍你 GTA 5 乱劈. In the beginning, we created this hack only for our own use and it works successfully. 然后, one of our team tells us, “点解唔分享呢个 GTA 5 Hack to the public?”. After a long discussion, we decide to share this hack to the public so you can generate unlimited amount of MONET and REPUTATION for FREE!


Generate Unlimited Money & RP

By using this GTA 5 Hack you can generate unlimited amount of Money and RP Instantly! Means you can use this hack every day for your account or your friend’s account.


我哋每日更新呢骇客工具. 就,呢个骇客工具将永远工. 再见唔工骇客!


我哋真系尊重你嘅隐私, 就,我哋将呢个骇客工具与高级agent服务. 所以,你将保持匿名时使用此骇客. 我哋保证你嘅隐私将安全同安全.


Our hack tool is using anonymous port when adding your GTA 5 Money and RP. 令你账户将保持安全.


我哋嘅工具系基于网络嘅骇客工具. 就,你唔需要下载任何嘢到你褪或者PC使用呢个骇客工具.


We made this hack tool as user-friendly as possible. 甚至我 4 岁哥哥可唔可以用佢!

No Jailbreak or Root

为咗令呢个骇客工具工程. You don’t need to Jailbreak your Device.

病毒与Malware Free

我哋嘅骇客工具系 100% 清洁嘅. There is no Virus or Malware on the hack tool. 我哋保证你!



  • 步 1: 点击在线骇客揿掣如下
  • 步 2: 进入你架。 GTA 5 个用户名
  • 步 3: Enter Desired Amount of Money and RP.
  • 步 4: 点击建置揿掣
  • 步 5: 按照步骤上嘅骇客工具.
  • 步 6: 多恩! Your Money and RP are Generated.


点击 “On-Line Hackbutton to get your unlimited Money and RP!




For you that already tried this GTA5 Hack we would like to say happy playing GTA 5 without worrying Money and RP anymore!

GTA 5 Hacks Pc Online Download